Welcome to Sandy Lane, Jennifer!

Welcome to Sandy Lane, Jennifer!

Last week we said goodbye to Michelle. After seeing her smiling face for 8 years it’s quite a change now she’s gone to university.

But we are delighted that she has left us in Jennifer’s very safe hands. Jennifer is the person you’ll speak to when you ring up with a query, and the person who’ll check in your car when you come to the garage. So we thought you might like to know something about the newest member of the Sandy Lane team. Jennifer will be working Monday-Thursday, and potentially some Saturdays (there’s a good reason for that – read on…)

Welcome, Jennifer! You’ve already been here a while haven’t you?

Yes, I started here on 8th June so I could learn the ropes from Michelle before she left. She is the oracle and could run the place eyes closed. I am a little bit nervous now she’s left, but I have her on speed dial, and I know where she lives…

You’re no stranger to Sandy Lane are you?

No, I’m related to Michelle (it’s complicated!) and I’ve known Tony for ages via her. I’ve always been impressed by what a lovely, friendly family-run business Sandy Lane is. I made Michelle promise years ago that if she ever decided to leave she’d put me forward for her job. And here I am!

What kind of work did you do before you came here?

I’ve worked as a civil servant and as a Finance Manager, so I’ve got plenty of experience managing payroll, wages and admin. I’ve also learnt a lot about cars in my time. I used to work for a company that helped people with lease cars when they broke down or had an accident. I was responsible for rescuing many a stranded driver from the side of the motorway, sorting out their repairs and getting them a courtesy car.

What do you get up to when you’re not at Sandy Lane?

My partner, Paul, and I have two young daughters, and a British bulldog called Eric. They keep me pretty busy for the rest of the week!

What’s your first impression of life at Sandy Lane?

Organised chaos is a pretty good word to describe it! It’s really busy – which must mean we’re doing something right – and everyone really pulls together to ensure we give customers the great service they deserve.

And there’s a really strong element of trust here. Everyone here trusts each other, and our customers really trust us. I think it can be hard sometimes to find a garage that cares about doing right by our customers. We definitely care. In fact we care so much I’m already having sleepless nights worrying about getting things just right.

Where there any surprises when you arrived?

Yes! I was led to believe that there were bacon butties in the morning, but now I’m here I find out it only happens on a Saturday. It’s no coincidence I’m now thinking of coming to work on a Saturday!

And finally, any confessions?

Yes, I can’t drive – yet! I am having lessons and loving it. Well, everything apart from the fact my instructor makes me start my lesson at the garage in front of everyone!

So, next time you call us or pop in, say hi to Jennifer. She’s keen to get to know our customers, and continue the same great service that Michelle provided.

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