There’s Always A Better Way

There’s Always A Better Way

A good customer of ours came in to Sandy Lane Service Station the other day. She’d had knee surgery, and in moving the car seat back so she could get in and out the car the seat had become strained.

We took a look at the seat and then tried to source the parts we needed. We were told by Honda that the only way to sort the problem was to buy a complete new seat. At a cost of £650!

Well, that wasn’t acceptable to us, never mind the customer. There had to be a better way.

There was. And we found it.

We stepped back and had a think. And we realised that if we drilled the rivets out we could move the chair, and then replace the rivets. So that’s what we did, with the help of a company down the road that had the specialist equipment.

The result: our repairs cost £150, making a cost saving to our customer of more than £500!

Does your garage give you this kind of service? If you want your car to be looked after by an independent garage that has its customers’ interests at heart, contact Sandy Lane Service Station.

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