Ready for autumn? Let us give you a hand…

Ready for autumn? Let us give you a hand…

The leaves are falling and the air is crisp. After some unseasonably (but very welcome) warm weather it seems like autumn is really here. And, if the early arrival of the Siberian swans is anything to go by, we might be in for a challenging winter.

I don’t know about you, but here at Sandy Lane we find it much harder to get going on cold, damp mornings. And cars and vans feel just the same. So here are seven top tips to help your vehicle start up in the morning and keep running whatever the weather:

  1. Test all your heaters, defrosters and wipers to make sure they work properly. Now’s a good time to change your wipers if they mainly smear muck around rather than clean the windscreen. Drop your vehicle in with us and we’ll be happy to replace them for you.
  2. If your car doesn’t have a windscreen defrost button, consider placing something over the windscreen at night to help prevent ice forming. Taking a couple of minutes to do that when you get home at night is much less frustrating and stressful than sitting in a cold car for 10 minutes until you can see through the glass!
  3. Top up your windscreen wash regularly – with all the dirt on the roads you’ll be using your wash and wipers more regularly. Make sure it’s a winter concentration to reduce the chance of the reservoir freezing.
  4. Keep your car topped up with anti-freeze. In a nutshell we need anti-freeze in our vehicles to prevent water from freezing, to avoid overheating and to reduce corrosion in the engine. It’s important to use the right anti-freeze – your car manufacturer will have recommended one for you to use. If you can’t remember which one that is, here’s a handy guide.
  5. If you’re due a service soon get it booked in before the bad weather sets in. The cold magnifies existing problems such as trouble starting your car and rough idling.
  6. Get your brakes checked at Sandy Lane to make sure they’re ready for icy mornings and roads slippery with wet leaves, and we’ll give you a free tyre check as well to ensure you’ve got enough tread to cope with the cold and wet conditions.
  7. And finally, put an emergency pack in your boot. While we’re thankfully not yet at the point of needing a shovel to dig our cars out of snowdrifts, if you do break down out on the road you’ll still be grateful for a warm blanket, something to eat and drink, and a torch.

What are your top tips for preparing your car for autumn? Leave a comment and let us know.

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