If In Doubt, Ask The Experts (Especially If It’s Bad News)!

If In Doubt, Ask The Experts (Especially If It’s Bad News)!

Last week we got a phone call from one of the local car dealerships. They had a car with a tricky problem. They’d made their investigations and run the usual diagnostic tests, and they were pretty sure they’d found what was wrong with the car. But it wasn’t going to be good news for the customer.

So, before they broke the bad news, they wanted to be absolutely sure that they’d identified the fault correctly, and their proposed repair was the best way forward.  That’s when the garage turned to us and asked us to have a look at the car ourselves, and give them our opinion about both the fault and the best way to deal with it.

We were happy to help, and in this instance came to the same conclusion as the dealership. Bad news indeed for the customer, but at least they had the benefit of knowing that two garages had looked at the car and independently determined the same repair was needed.

We do this kind of work for a lot of local dealerships, and we’re happy to provide our expertise. After all, if you tot up all our time as mechanics, we’ve got 135 years’ experience in the trade!

But you don’t have to be a garage to ask us for a second opinion. If you’re a bit worried about what a garage has told you, or simply want the peace of mind of another pair of eyes checking the problem with your vehicle, just get in touch. We’d be delighted to help.

For a second (or even a first!) opinion on your vehicle, call Tony or Andrew at Sandy Lane on 0161 480 4117.


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