Drive Safely This Winter

Drive Safely This Winter

Well, we’ve certainly had some weather over the last few weeks! And by the time you read this we may well have had our first snow of winter as well.

Here at Sandy Lane we consider a lot of our customers to be friends as well. And we care about your safety! So here are 5 things to think about to ensure you’re equipped to drive this winter:

  1. Hope for the best, prepare for the worst

While we hope it doesn’t happen to you, pack some extra things in your boot just in case you have an accident or get caught in snow, including:

  • warm clothes, a blanket and some wellies or waterproof boots in case you’re stranded somewhere or need to walk part of the way home,
  • snacks and (non-alcoholic!) drinks to tide you over, and
  • a shovel to clear snow from around your car.
  1. Expect freezing weather

Make sure you have de-icer and a scraper in the car – there are better ways to use a credit card than chipping away at the ice on your windscreen! And now’s the time to check that your coolant and screen wash both have antifreeze in. Finally, pack your sunglasses! I know they’re not the first thing you think of on a wintery day, but a combination of low sun and bright snow can be a killer.

  1. Plan your journey

Check the weather and the traffic reports before you start out, even if you’re just doing the commute or school run. And leave extra time. Even if you’re a confident driver in rain, fog, or snow, others might not be, so expect it to take longer to get places.

  1. Give your vehicle the once-over

A well-maintained car saves fuel, the inconvenience of a breakdown and, more importantly, lives. So make sure you’re up-to-date with your servicing, and replace any worn out wiper blades and tired tyres.

  1. Take it slow and smooth

Bad weather means unpredictable drivers; the slower you’re going the quicker you’ll stop if someone skids or slams on the brakes. When you do brake, do it slowly or change down gears to avoid skidding, and accelerate slowly too, to reduce the chances of your wheels spinning on the ice or snow. And remember, when you’ve driven through flood water (and there’s plenty on the M60!) gently test your brakes before you start to speed up again.

The best Christmas present you can give your friends and family is to stay safe on wintery roads. So, to make sure your car is winter-ready, contact us at Sandy Lane. From replacing windscreen wipers to your regular service, we’re ready to help!

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